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The Bottom Line Tax Service Inc
More than just a tax service
The Bottom Line Tax Service Inc
Liz Bender, President
Liz acquired controlling interest in The
Bottom Line Tax Service Inc in 2003 after
serving clients
in Polk County and
surrounding areas for more than 15 years
with a leading national tax preparation

Today she heads a growing organization
dedicated to providing superior service for
individuals and small businesses.
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Why do our clients recommend us?
We don't just "plug in the numbers."
All too often, tax preparers in large, "storefront" offices have too little time and
incentive to really understand your unique situation.  You show up with your W2
and home mortgage information and they "plug in the numbers."  We take a
different approach.  We may ask you some questions you've never been asked
before.  And get you deduction you didn't even know existed.

We help small businesses manage paperwork.
Not only do we prepare tax returns for small businesses, partnerships and all forms
of corporate entities, we also help manage business paperwork and reporting
deadlines.  Whether a company needs help with payroll taxes or maintaining and
auditing corporate files, we're here to help -- all year long.
Get the attention you deserve.